The true power of branding can only come from within, by deeply knowing oneself and understanding who you are, what you stand for and what matters to the fans in your target market.

By clearly understanding what you stand for, and what differentiates you from other artists, we can create consistency in the message of your celebrity brand.

In today's digital world with thousands of artists to choose from, what will make you rise above the crowd? What will make fans want to seek you out? What will make people remember you? What will inspire listeners to tell their friends about you? What will make journalists want to write about you, and TV want to share your story?



We want people to be addicted to you, in a good way. Therefore we will use state-of-the-art brain science to help you craft your unique brand. For example, in a research article called "Why I can't turn off the radio," the scientist explained that "listening to music that induces sadness could lead to higher levels of prolactin, which would lead to increased liking of the music." Studies show that when fans perceive interactivity and sincerity on musicians' social media page, fans have stronger ties, increased feelings of closeness to the musician, they are more inclined to share the music virally. More importantly, there is a relationship between fan activity, sense of closeness and time spent on a persona's social media site: the more time fans spend on your social media, the more likely they are to make a purchasing dec! The same is true whether you are a blogger, business executive, public speaker, author, community leader, or any other persona-in-the-making.

Furthermore, did you know that people are 22 times more likely to remember a story about you than a fact about you?

Stronger ties between fans and personas are developed via stories, as well as interactive and authentic social media. Activities which encourage fans to give recommendations and spread positive word-of-mouth contribute to sales. This is the tip of the iceberg, but it gives you a glimpse into the type of research-based information we will utilize in crafting your unique branding plan.


10,000 ft. VIEW

We begin by looking as outsiders at your emerging celebrity brand. We take the big view, assess the industry you are in, who your competitors are, and then work our way in.



We interview and study existing fans and potential fans about how they perceive you, how they describe what you do, what they like about you, what they think you stand for. If the message is mixed or unclear, we analyze, strategize, and dig deeper to find that core message. Once you agree that THIS is you, with laser precision we create a branding plan that will hammer this message into the human brain, over and over.


Why Your Personal Brand Matters

Each interaction with your fans or with the public is a relationship-builder or breaker. It either strengthens or weakens the relationship they have with you, the artist, and your product, whether it is music, a YouTube channel, a blog, your acting work, whatever. Your “brand” is what the public thinks of when they hear/see/read what you have created, and when they hear your name. Personal branding is critical for celebrities because it weaves a tapestry of impression to bolster the talent, including qualities like artistic genius, creativity, patriotism, philanthropy, warmth, rebellion, passions, quirkiness (or whatever qualities make sense for you). These unique qualities that define you need to truly sparkle to help differentiate you from other artists.

How can we help you sell your creative work, become a household name, and even become an icon?

It all starts with the branding plan.

In communicating their brands, artists need more than great music, bloggers need more than great articles, speakers need more than great talks. Personas need to tell a compelling story that connects with its fans on an emotional level. Every story requires a clearly understood central character with which people can identify and create a long‐lasting emotional bond: the brand persona. Without a strong brand persona, the brand narrative lacks a focus - even if you have a hit/masterpiece on your hands.

Ever heard of a one-hit wonder? Ever heard songs on the radio that are not nearly as great as yours? Ever read an extraordinary piece by an non-famous journalist? What makes the difference? It's not the great creative work. Nope.

It's the emotion strength of the brand.


Branding & Fandom

Personas must tell a compelling and consistent brand story that speak to the emotional needs of audiences to avoid creating a shallow, short‐term “brand” that never develops legs. A strong brand story connects at a deep emotional level that is difficult to disengage. Your brand story and brand persona must be tended to, invested in, and go beyond “words” in order to ensure long‐lasting and real value. To help create long-lasting fan relationships, we will help you build your fandom.

These days the relationship between fans and artists can be called the “new economy of fandom.” This is where empowered fan communities use the democratizing potential of new social media to communicate and cooperate with artists, without the mediation of the traditional recording industry. This way, you really pull them in!

There is an art and a science to building a fan base. Knowledge of fandom and fan motivations can help build your foundation of fans and superfans. We have to feed your superfans because their positive energy will drive growth! Think about this: artist Amanda Palmer used crowdfunding to raise $1.2 million for her new album - nearly 25,000 fans backed the campaign. However when Björk tried crowdfunding, she failed. So what was the difference between the two? Emotional connection. "Björk's Twitter and Facebook feeds aren't personalized, she hadn't built a relationship with her fans. It was all a one-way broadcast. She'd done nothing to make her fans feel like friends." Without engaging her fans on a personal level, her crowdfunding flopped. Our complete branding package includes educating you on the psychology of fans.



First, we will spend time on the phone together analyzing the competing brands. In the process, we will also identify your own perceived branding archetype. Since the brain is drawn to existing archetypes, identifying your primary and secondary archetypes is the critical first step.

We will also craft a page of words that you want associated with your name. Next, we will spend a few hours studying your social media interactions and asking fans what drew them to you.

We will then analyze your existing press, media and social media to see if your desired archetype and core message are authentically being shared - and if it stirs emotions.

People never become fans because it is practical to do so. They become fans because they are moved, emotionally moved, in some way - happy, sad, angry, inspired, amused. They become fans because they identify with you on an emotional level. Who you are needs to speak to fans and followers alike, beyond just another person trying to make it.

We know that nothing matters or will be remembered unless it leaves an impact, and the best way to do that is to use emotion. Emotions compel actions. Never forget that.

This means that the brand strategy

that we prepare will have




at it's core.


We can provide

  • An overarching branding strategy
  • Creative visual direction for photos and videos
  • An emotion-focused bio that advances your persona brand
  • Website messaging and interaction strategy
  • Superfan attraction & engagement plan
  • A transmedia storytelling plan
  • Social media content strategy
  • Visual branding guidelines


  • Logo
  • Script for the EPK
  • Branding and graphic design
  • Introductory letter for the media


We are excited to work on creating our next superstar!

Let us know how many branding or rebranding launch pieces you need!